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Welcome on our blog. We are Backlinkscloud, wich is part of the organization Floris van Vredendaal.Photobucket

It’s an organization were Google takes a huge part of research of. So that is very interesting. Recently Google Plus has arrived, a new social network were people can share almost everything and were you can make your own circle of friends.

Let me tell you something about our website. We want you to know the following things about linking to your website in relation witch search engine optimalisation.
1. You need to have a title added to your link,
2. Your link has to be relevant,
3. It has to be on the right category.
4. The title tags are a big part of its strength,
5. The PageRank is added value,
6. Content is king.

Adding a title to your link

Make sure your link looks like this:
< a h r e f ="h t t p : / / w w w . b a c k l i n k s c l o u d . c o m " t i t l e = " B a c k l I n k s C l o u d " > B a c k l I n k s c l o u d < / a >.

Your link has to be relevant

Make sure that all your links are on the right page/category. This adds relevance to your link wich gives a boost to your link power. When your link power is strong, and you require enough. Then your position in Google will raise. Backlinkscloud provides you with that power.

The right category

Again, add relevance to your link! Goolge is all about the perception of the customer. Which means that you have to do the same.

Title Tags

Always fill in your H1/H2/H3 witch relevant tags and some of your keywords.

The Pagerank

It’s a grade for your website given by Google. If you want to know more about the PageRank, check our other blogs! There is plenty of info.

Content is king

It’s true. What’s on your website? Does it add value or is it all irrelevant and are you just filling in some random tekst or maybe even duplicate content. That’s very bad either way.

Backlinkscloud gives you the opportunity to give yourself a great link for a small price. Please have a look and fill our cloud with your backlink!


Make sure your page is like this:


We are BacklinksCloud, we fill our clouds with your backlink!

Content is king, also is this link: Backlinkscloud

This is it for so far. We’d love to have your link on our website.

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